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...or rather a lack of. So, you guys can skip this because its just a rant, though it has a little swearing.

Why? Why am I almost ALWAYS stuck into an incompetent group or team? 9 times out of 10 it seems MY group is the one who doesn't have their stuff together. Is it me causing this? Because it's happened with everything from robotics to school projects, and the only common factor is me. But I don't think it is, as I'M ALWAYS THE ONE TO GET PEOPLE MOVING AND FORCE THE GROUP TO PULL THROUGH!! When I was younger, I was part of a VEX Robotic's team. We waited till about the last second to build our competing robot because we either couldn't agree on a design, or people wasted time. Know who was the one who built the proto-type of the robot that finally pushed people to actually fucking DO THINGS? ME! I finally had enough of people wasting time, asked if I could have everything to build a proto-type, and fucking did it that night. I'm also the one who made the modifications on it to make it go from a crappy proto-type, to this… . I built that, alone, by myself because my so called team couldn't get their heads out of their asses.

Well guess freaking what. It's happening AGAIN!! WITH A 40 POINT ASSIGNMENT!!!!! You see, I'm in a game development class this summer. It's to finish off the last few credits I need to earn my Associate's Degree. It's not a hard class. Two weeks ago we were separated into groups of three, and told to come up with a game concept, story board, world, and what not. We were given two weeks, and we have three people working together. Not that difficult, right? Well, guess what I've been doing for the last two weeks. I'VE BEEN TRYING TO GET INTO CONTACT WITH THE MEMBERS OF MY GROUP!!!! so far only ONE person has responded, the third hasn't done anything. Wanna know what we've managed to do? Agree that we're making an RPG, because I can't get into contact with the ONE PERSON IN MY GROUP WHO RESPONDED!!

And it's not like I didn't try. I made the main group thread, I posted up questions on who could do what, I sent out emails, I asked if there was a way we could actually chat together, like over skype, so we could knock the assignment out. I CHECKED EVERY FREAKING DAY!! And you know what? It's due on the 3rd, and NOTHING!!! No responses! All I know is that two out of three feel we can do an RPG. Don't know what the third wants because as far as I know, he's dead. So, once again I have to freaking pick up the slack. I get to sit down and do work that was supposed to be done by three people over a two week period on my own, in one or two fucking days. Hell, I shouldn't be surprised. We got it on Tuesday two weeks ago, and I wasn't able to look at the group story telling until that Friday. Now three days isn't long, but you'd expect SOMEONE to have posted SOMETHING, even just a "Hi there". But nope, Friday came, I got on, and discovered that nothing had happened.

And you know what? It's not just these two times, ohhhhhh NO. It's almost every, fucking time I get put in a group or team, my fellow team mates do nothing at all. I'll make suggestions, and what not, but literally NOTHING gets done until I finally say "Let's cut the crap and work". So i ask again, WHY AM I ALWAYS STUCK IN DYSFUNCTIONAL TEAMS AND GROUPS!?! Please, those of you who read this, I beg you. Is it really me? Do I create some kind of Anti-Team Work bubble where no-one can work together and work functionally? And also, the next time you're in a team, please, oh please, do your fair share. For me. TT-TT
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